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But if we think we can truly help you reach your business goals, we will tell you about it. We will offer our Tactical Plan as our opportunity for “getting our feet wet” together. To see if we are good for each other.

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Rather go at it alone? Start with the basics.

If you’d rather see what you can do on your own, go for it! You absolutely can learn how do to digital marking for your business. Make sure you get the basics down: get a website up, get your social media profiles developed, and pick a content or ad strategy for some long term goals.

Just remember, the goal is to get more customers so your business can thrive, not to get lost in the rabbit hole of digital marketing. It can get overwhelming fast. That’s why we often recommend working with an agency, even if you don’t choose to work with us.

Have a website?

No?! It’s 2020! Let’s get one up for you! It doesn’t have to be complicated – yet. You just need something that tells the world you exist online. Something that is easy for you or a team member to update if you don’t plan on hiring a company to manage it for you. We recommend starting with WordPress or Weebly, depending on your business needs. Once you see a return on your investment, you can hire a professional developer to design and code your website from scratch.

You DO have a website? Great! Is it working for you? Or is it just an expensive business card or brochure? You can turn your website into a customer grabbing machine if it is optimized properly. This is what Search Engine Optimization is for – it helps more people see your website rather than just having it buried on page 2 or 6 or 20 of Google Search results.

What about a FREE Google My Business Listing?

One thing business owners do not take enough advantage of is the FREE Google My Business Listing.

Yes, it is owned by Google so you do not have complete control (that’s why you have a website, right?). But this listing is among the first items a customer sees when searching for a local service.

Get your listing optimized. Now. Or rather, Yesterday.

Not sure where to start? We’ve outlined what you can do here. 

Rather have a download? Check out our FREE pdf.

Are you Considering Paid advertising?

Paid advertising is a completely different beast! Not only is your time on the line, but so is your money. And all too often we see business owners flushing their money down the drain. Lighting it on fire. Letting the big dogs gobble it all up. (Okay, you get it, but we had to throw a dog pun in there too!)

Since we’re talking digital, the main forms of paid ads are through Google or Facebook. You can also consider other social media platforms based on where your target audience frequents.

Learning these platforms takes a bit of patience. Teaching this is a bit beyond our scope of services, but we do offer Facebook Ads Management. So if you’d rather have someone else take care of the ads for you, we might be the dogs for you! Okay – the people who love dogs – for you!

What about Social media Marketing?

In addition to paid advertising, you can always ramp up your social media marketing strategies. There’s Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.

While you need to have your business profile set up on each of these platforms, we highly recommend picking one platform to start with and master it. But pick the platform that likely has your customers.

This is why we offer Tactical Plans: to help you figure out if a social media strategy and which social media platform will be best for your business.

Digital Marketing Strategies Can Be Overwhelming

We understand. We’ve been there.

That’s why we specialize in digital marketing so you can specialize in your business service.

We also understand the desire to try to learn everything to save a bit of money, but why take time away from your day to learn one of these strategies when you can work with an agency that specializes in getting you more customers?!

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