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Malinois Marketing was born out of necessity. As a licensed professional in the AEC Industry (Architecture, Engineering and Construction), it was challenging to bring in new clients other than those from referrals. While referrals are the best clients, it is important to diversify where potential clients may find you.

Sending proposals just wasn't cutting it anymore. There was this whole world of internet marketing that was not getting utilized in my firm. A website is not enough either. While pictures are pretty to look at, if a website is not bringing in customers, it is a liability, not an asset.

So down the tunnel (you know, the one in agility courses for dogs!) we went, and discovered the marketing systems best for attracting new clients for AEC professionals. If you are looking for a Digital Marketing Agency to help with your online marketing needs, try us out. In fact, we only accept new clients by application. Because we only work with one industry in an area at a time and we want to make sure we are a perfect fit for you.

But if we do work together, we are a part of your team, your pack so to speak. We work hard bringing new customers and clients for you so you can focus on making those customers raving fans that will come back to you over and over!

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Mika | Malinois Marketing | Digital marketing agency

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Behind the Scenes

Meet the team behind Malinois Marketing!  While our human team is small, our animal team is ready to help you take a bite out of your competition! 

Cordelia | Malinois Marketing Team Member


project manager

Cordelia is an Architect by trade and moved into the marketing space when she realized she needed to help get more clients in the door at her Architecture Firm.  Now she helps all small service-based business bring in more work. 

Mika | Malinois Marketing Team Member


Lead Chaser

Mika is the inspiration behind Malinois Marketing, despite only being a catahoula-mix.  The traits of the Malinois breed are those we wish to provide our clients: dedication, hard work, and loyalty. You’ll see lots of her around!

Binx | Malinois Marketing Team Member



Binx is the newest member of Malinois Marketing.  He enjoys supervising from the comfort of his desk bed and ensures the computer’s mouse is always moving! 

Stanley | Malinois Marketing Team Member



Even though Stanley passed in July of 2019, he is still an influential team member who helped when Malinois Marketing launched in 2018.  He supervises from above and is greatly missed. 

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